Ting Luo Piano Performance Studio

   - Study with Performing Artists, and spark creativity through piano playing. -

Ms. Ting - piano instructor/director of the studio

Student Benefit

  • Study with Professional and Experienced Piano Instructors 
  • Learn from Concert Pianist Ms. Ting and Receive Free Studio Classes 
  • Annual Student Recital in the music hall
  • Competition Participation
  • Access to Yamaha Grand piano and Yamaha upright piano for the on-site lesson
  • ABRSM exam and other music exams' participation
  • Virtual Lesson offered for student's preference





One-on-one Lesson

Artist Curated Curriculum

Our studio provides an artist-curated curriculum that covers theory, technique, and a diverse range of repertoire. It is both artistry-centered to nurture students' creativity and practical for students to learn essential music skills. We prioritize teaching proper posture and hand position to ensure students develop a strong foundation. Each student receives customized lessons that address their individual strengths and areas that require improvement. We also provide detailed practice instructions, recognizing the importance of effective practice sessions when students practice at home independently. 


Customized Learning Experience

We make learning enjoyable for everyone by providing an individualized curriculum and selecting music that resonates with each student. Due to this attention to detail and my expertise in technique, theory, and piano repertoire, you will make solid progress in building a strong foundation of piano technique. 


Top-Notch Faculty: 

Our principal instructor, Ms. Ting, brings abundant teaching experience, having offered private piano instruction since 2012. We partner with experienced piano instructors who have been professionally trained for decades, aligning with our studio’s teaching philosophy and artist curated methods to ensure giving our students the best piano study experience.


Best Facilities to Offer a High-Quality Experience

The studio is located in the central Fremont area, serving the East and South Bay areas. Students come from cities such as Newark, Hayward, Union City, Milpitas, San Mateo, and Cupertino. We take pride in providing the best facilities to ensure a high-quality experience for our students. 

On-site, we have a concert-standard Yamaha grand piano and beautiful upright Yamaha pianos to use at the lessons.  Students have the opportunity to learn and practice on this beautiful piano, honing their skills and mastering the technique of playing on the very exquisite acoustic instruments available.


Various Lesson Length

The lessons is vary in length, ranging from half an hour to 45 minutes to one hour. For young beginners, starting with a half-hour lesson might be suitable for their needs. For dedicated students who have consistent practice regularly or beginners who like to build the piano playing technique quickly, it is always beneficial to have longer lesson session to 45 minutes or one hour. Typically, students have lessons once a week, and they will be assigned pieces to practice as homework as well as optional theory assignments after each lesson. 


For All Piano Levels/All Genres from Classical Through Popular 

Lessons are tailored for all levels of piano, from beginners to professionals, and our instructors offer guidance for music exams, conservatory auditions, and competitions. Ms. Ting has extensively studied pedagogy and has successfully operated her own private piano studio for over 8 years. Our instructors are all passionate about sharing their love for piano playing with you, whether you are new to the instrument, share an admiration for composers like Chopin or Mozart, or wish to learn specific pieces such as 'Für Elise' or 'River Flows In You.


Composition and Improvisation

We include composition and improvisation in the piano lessons by students' request. These skills empower students to become creators of music. Through composition, students learn to express their unique musical ideas and emotions, fostering creativity and self-expression. Improvisation, on the other hand, teaches students to think on their fingers, develop their musical ear, and explore different styles and genres freely. Both composition and improvisation are invaluable tools for developing musicians, providing them with the confidence and skills to become versatile and innovative performers. 


Performance Opportunities

Performance opportunities are an integral part of my teaching approach. We organize 1-2 recitals per year in a formal recital hall for students and offer multiple informal performing opportunities and studio classes. We discuss stage manner during lessons, guiding students to present their best selves when performing on stage.




Student Recital&Workshop in August 16, 2020

Student Recital and Workshop in August 16, 2020

Group Class

Group Class for Youth Students:

We offer the Piano and Music Appreciation Group Class for kids that are 4-6 years old. The class provides a well-rounded foundation in a fun and supportive group setting with 2 - 4 students. Student will perform at the group class showcase at the end of each quarter.

This class is a perfect fit for children with minimal or no piano or music background. The class encompasses crucial piano/keyboard skills, note reading, ear training, and fundamental music concepts, all within an enjoyable group environment. Students will participate in diverse and engaging learning activities, including singing, piano/keyboard playing, rhythm counting, percussive instruments, music listening, and entertaining musical games. We would ask one guardian to sit alongside the students for participating in our class interactions. From singing to playing instruments and exciting musical games, this class is the perfect way for your child to begin their musical journey with enthusiasm and confidence! 

Students have one class per week, three months per quarter. Students will commit for one quarter. Students have the option to continue into the next quarter or transition to one-on-one lessons. Instructors will provide specific suggestions for each student as they approach the conclusion of the class.

Current openings:  

Tuesday 1:30 pm -2:15 pm

Wednesday 6 pm - 6:45 pm

Wednesday 5 pm - 5:45 pm

Wednesday 7:30 pm - 8:15 pm

Thursday 6:30 pm - 7:15 pm

Saturday 10 am-10:45 am

Saturday 4 pm-4:45 pm

Saturday 5 pm-5:45 pm




Group Class for Adults:

For our adult students, the group class offers an equally enriching experience. Whether you're a beginner or have some prior musical knowledge, this class is tailored to accommodate various skill levels. Engage in a dynamic learning environment that covers essential piano/keyboard skills, note reading, ear training, and fundamental music concepts. The sessions are designed to be enjoyable and interactive, fostering a supportive community among the 2-4 adult students in each class. Dive into diverse activities, including basic music theory, piano/keyboard playing, sight reading, rhythm counting,  and music appreciation with a various genres of repertoires from classical music to pop song covers!



ALL-STAR Faculty

We are a tight-knit team of passionate and experienced piano educators, committed to providing the highest quality of instruction. Our instructors undergo rigorous training to lead lessons with patience, professionalism, and genuine warmth. You can rest assured that students will not only receive top-notch musical education but will also develop a deep love for learning and music in our nurturing environment. Join us on this musical journey, where every lesson is filled with joy, inspiration, and growth!

Ms. Ting 

Ting Luo is a concert pianist, collaborative pianist, composer and improviser. She has performed and lectured in prestigious venues in China and the U.S., advocating contemporary and classical music. Her interdisciplinary art project New Arts
Collaboration has been featured in many contemporary music and film festivals around
the U.S. and internationally.

Ms. Ting performed her original piano compositions as well as solo and ensemble works by classical composers and living composers in prestigious events including The 2022 Bethany Arts Community Multidisciplinary Residency and Dragon's Egg Presents at University Settlement in New York, Hot Air Music Festival in San Francisco, the Contemporary Art Music Project Festival in Tampa.

Ms. Ting has more than ten years of teaching experience. She is dedicated to addressing the diverse needs of her students, ensuring that they cultivate their musical expressions and technique to the fullest. She guides students to understand that playing the piano is not only a form of artistic expression but also a journey that lasts a lifetime.

B.M. XingHai Conservatory of Music, China
M.M. University of Southern California, U.S.



Ms. Han

Specialty: Ms. Han is an exceptional instructor with extensive experience in conservatory-level piano teaching methods. She specializes in teaching late beginners to advanced students, providing a fast-paced lesson approach that challenges students to achieve their full potential in piano study.

Teaching Philosophy: Ms. Han's teaching centers on nurturing individuality and creativity in students. She believes in developing a deep understanding of music beyond technical mastery, encouraging students to express their unique voices through their performances. She excels in communicating with students, promptly identifying challenges they face in their playing, and providing tailored training methods for each student.

Bio: Xu Han is a distinguished pianist from China, recognized for her solo, chamber, and
orchestral performances in the United States and China. She achieved numerous accolades, including awards in prestigious piano competitions.

She has completed her Doctor of Music degree at Florida State University, studying with Professor Stijn De Cock. Her achievements include winning the Rockwood Piano Competition, winning the University Concerto Competition, and presenting on Chinese traditional music.

As a dedicated educator, she has over eight years of teaching experience. Ms. Han is involved with the Music Teachers National Association and promotes children's cultural and artistic development. 


M.M. Universitv of Rochester. U.S
D.M.A. Florida State University, U.S.



Ms. Kwok 

Specialty: Ms. Kwok has years of experience in preparing students for ABRSM exams from grade 1 to grade 8, consistently helping them achieve outstanding results, including merits and excellent grades. She specializes in teaching young beginner students with patience and encouragement, fostering their love for music and guiding them toward success.

Teaching Philosophy: As an educator, Sharon believes in taking the time to develop a strong musical foundation and finding music that resonates with the student. By playing music they enjoy and having the ability to tackle it, students will practice more consistently and make more progress at the piano.

Bio: Sharon Kwok is a classically trained Bay Area piano teacher and active member of MTAC (Santa Clara County Branch). She has studied piano with Ester Dizon, Darrell Leffler, and Marilyn Swan. In 2013, she earned her undergraduate degree with honors in music from UC Davis. She then graduated from Santa Clara University, in 2015, with her Master of Arts in Teaching and Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.

Over the past thirteen years, Sharon has had the pleasure of working with students of all ages and levels of experience. In that time, she has successfully prepared students for performance opportunities and musical examinations (including ABRSM, AP Music Theory, Certificate of Merit, and RCM).

B.M. UC Davis, U.S.
M.A. Santa Clara Universitv. U.S.


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This private studio located in Willow Glen, San Jose, right next to St. Elizabeth Park. The exact address will be provided to students upon booking a lesson.

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