Past Event in 2021

The Hot Air Music Festival 


Piano Solo Performance 

Plum Blossom, by Composer Chen Yi   

Mu Absence, by Composer Chatori Shimizu 


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 Artists Panel Discussion 

March 21, 5 p.m. PST 

How Interdisciplinary Approaches Inspire and Impact Music Creation, Performance and Education, featuring artist speakers Motoko Honda,Danny Clay and Mary Prescott, presented by NAC artists with MTNA-CAPMT.  

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The San Luis Obispo Museum of Art’s Digital Shorts Film Festival  

April 2-4 

Performance: SNOW, a multimedia piano solo piece co-produced with composer Jean Ahn and visual artist Jo Ho for New Arts Collaboration 

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Fresh Inc Festival   

Piano Solo and Ensemble Performances 

June 9 8 p.m. EDT 

Hypothesis for piano solo (acoustic version), by Pianist/Composer Ting Luo 

I. Purified 

III. Shudder 

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June 12 1 p.m. EDT 

BroadCast from Here, by composer Lisa Bielawa 

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June 14 8 p.m. EDT 

"Noomos Altos", by composer Michael Renkel 

SNOW, by composer Jean Ann and visual artist Jo Ho, presented by New Arts Collaboration 

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June 15 8 p.m. EDT 

Wind Horse Mandala, by composer Pauline Oliveros 

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June 16 8 p.m. EDT 

Three Bagatelles from China West, Duet for flute and piano, by composer Chen Yi

Clade I, by composer Wyatt Cannon 

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June 18 8 P.M. EDT 

Schema, by composer Laura Conti 

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June 20 1 p.m. EDT 

To be confident, by composer Cole Reyes 

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Angular, for acoustic piano solo - Demo




New Music Gathering Conference/Festival   

NAC Presentation and Piano Performance 'Around' , for piano solo piece with fixed media, composed by Julie Barwick for New Arts Collaboration 


In the Land of Fertile Fields: a collaborative, improvised soundtrack by Leslee Smucker 

Stream 2: CONCERT AT August 16th, 5 P.M. CDT 


Patrick Grant and NMG Artists - A recorded collaborative composition using structures found in blockchain  

Stream 1: CONCERT AT August 17th, 5 P.M. CDT





  • ‘Young Professional on Stage’ CAPMT Recital Series at Norcal Music and Arts Center in Santa Clara, CA
  • Roomful of Pianos-NAMM Show in Los Angeles, CA



  • ''Young Professionals on Stage'' Recital Series at 2018 CAPMT State Conference in Los Angeles, CA             
  •  “Artists Addressing Homeless” Concert presented by USC, Urban Voices Project and the Messengers from London in Los Angeles, CA                                     
  • Solo Piano Recital at Stan’s Music Parlor in Los Angeles, CA
  • Solo Piano Performance and Chamber Music Performance in Montecito International Music Festival in Riverside, CA



    Solo Piano Recital and Lecture Recital Series in China,

    • Nanning Teachers’ Academy
    • Guangxi University
    • Sichuan Teachers’ University
    • Gulangyu Concert Hall
    • Steinway Concert Hall at Guangzhou and Foshan



    • Solo Piano Recital at Guangxi Arts Institute  
    • Solo Piano Recital at Yulin Teachers’ University