New Arts Collaboration 

A Multimedia Project for artist collaboration, interdisciplinary arts, experimental sound and music. 

NAC is an interdisciplinary art project curated by Ting Luo, for sound and multimedia. NAC connects with artists from multi-disciplined fields, forming a strong bond for artists to collaborate with each other, including living composers, sound artists, visual artists and artists from multidisciplines.  

NAC started to produce cutting-edge multimedia works since 2020.  

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‘Green’, a suite for piano and electronics, work-in-progress

The suite comes from the theme of healing, through the mediums of piano performing, field recordings, found objects, and electronics. While people are in various circumstances in everyday life, facing struggles in situations such as stress, isolation, and loss… Green seeks to give people a space to meditate, refresh, and connect to their inner selves.


Angular, for acoustic piano solo (2021)

About the piece: Angular, for acoustic piano solo. This piece reflects Industrial 4.0 and the Future/Current Machine World. It explores the texture of repetitive patterns, questioning and symbolizing the robotic movements. 





Available on Bandcamp

Lost in.., for piano and electronics(2021)

In collaboration with visual artist Marco Pinter.

About the piece: Lost in.. is an ambient mix of soundscapes taken from the streets of San Francisco.  The visuals incorporate thermal photography of a dancer painting and the found scenes of cities with pedestrians, traffic, noises, and so on.


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Hypothesis, for piano solo and multimedia (2021)

I. Purified

II. Breath

III. Shudder

About the suite: Hypothesis refers to a proposed musical explanation for a phenomenon. Each piece projects an ongoing present, expressing moments with a particular shape and form, such as the simplicity and continuity in Purified, the concrete environment of sound in Breath, and the demolishment in Shudder.

Hypothesis is in collaboration with video artist Loraine Wible, presented by New Arts Collaboration at Old First Concert in San Francisco.


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