Piano soloist. Collaborator. Instructor

Piano Recital in Gulangyu Concert Hall, Xiamen, China November 24th, 2017

Etudes Op. 25 No.1 in E flat Major                            Frederic Chopin


Etudes-Tableaux Op.33 No.6                           Sergei Rachmaninoff


Sonata Op.14 No.2  in G Major                      Ludwig van Beethoven

Sonata-Fantasy Op.19 in G sharp minor           Alexander Scriabin

Miroirs                                                                               Maurice Ravel                                                                                                    (1875-1937)     Noctuelles

   Oiseaux tristes

   Une barque sur l’ocean

   Alborada del gracioso

   La vallée des cloches


Tingyuan Luo, has given many concerts as a piano soloist and collaborator in China and the U.S.  

As a piano soloist, Tingyuan gave piano solo concerts at Guangxi Arts Institute and Yulin Normal University in 2015. In September 2017, Tingyuan held a solo piano concert in the Newman Recital Hall at USC. In the fall of 2017, Tingyuan was invited to play a series of solo piano recitals in Guangxi Teaching Academy, Guangxi University, Xiamen Gulangyu Music Hall and Sichuan Teaching University and was highly appraised by musical medias. Her performances were acclaimed highly both by audiences and professionals. Xiamen Nighttime Newspaper posted a concert report for Tingyuan’s recital and acclaimed Tingyuan’s sensitive and passionate musical expression in the concert. In 2018, Tingyuan performed in Young Professionals on Stage at 2018 CAPMT State Conference. She played as the keyboardist at the Concert “Artists Addressing Homeless” presented by USC Arts in Action in partnership with USC Visions and Voices with Urban Voices Project and the Messengers. Tingyuan also held a solo piano recital in Stan’s Music Parlor. At the 2018 Montecito International Music Festival, Tingyuan played in a series of solo piano performances and chamber music performances. In February 2019, Tingyuan performed in huge music industry event NAMM Show of Roomful of Pianos. In August 2019, Tingyuan was invited to play at the Santa Clara University Recital Hall for The 2019 United States International Music Competition-“Winners’ Concert”.       

Tingyuan has won many national and international prizes in piano competitions, including the First Place of Chinese Music Award and the Second Place of the Young Artist Award in the 2019 United States International Music Competition, the 2nd Place in Piano Solo Competition in Montecito Music Festival in California, the 2nd Place in China-ASEAN Teenagers’ Piano Preliminary Competition in 2017, the 3rd Place in China-ASEAN Teenagers’ Piano Competition in 2015, the 5th Place in Pearl River-Kayserburg National Youth Piano Competition twice in 2013 and 2017, the 1st Place in KAWAI Asia Piano Competition in Guangdong, the New Star Prize in Germany Irmler International Piano Open Competition, the 2nd Place in Hong Kong Asia Piano Competition and the 1st Place in KAWAI Asia Piano Competition in Guangxi. 

Tingyuan serves as leadership roles in the music associations in the states. She is the Coordinator of the recital series of Young Professional on Stage by CAPMT(California Association of Professional Music Teachers), CAPMT Honors Competition Chair of San Francisco Bay Area District. Tingyuan is also an active member of Music Teachers' Association of California(MTAC) and artist guest of The Chinese Music Teachers Association of Northern California (CMTANC).  

Tingyuan started piano learning from the age of six and started professional piano study at Guangxi Arts Institute in 2006. Tingyuan pursued her piano study in Central Conservatory of Music in China with pianist Yinjia Xue in 2009 and graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music from Lai Jin’s studio in 2016. Tingyuan completed Master’s degree on solo piano performance from the studio of well-known piano master Daniel Pollack at Thornton School of Music in the University of Southern California on December 2018. 

Tingyuan currently resides in Fremont, California and is going to establish her piano studio for teaching. She herself as a pianist, and curator, dedicates to expand Bay Area musician circle, promote classical music, new music and chinese music, and hold lecture and concert series around the states.

Performance and Project

Previous events

‘Young Professional on Stage’ Recital Series, organized by Tingyuan Luo, presented by CAPMT

 —  —

Norcal Music and Arts Center, 761 E El Camino Real , Sunnyvale, CA 94087

‘Young Professional on Stage’--Recital Series, organized by CAPMT(California Association of Professional Music Teachers) will be having a classical music recital in Norcal Music and Arts Center in Sunnyvale. The recital program will be performed by talented music teachers and fabulous musicians, including Libertango by Piazzolla for piano and cello, Beethoven 'Spring' Violin Sonata, Schumann Piano Quartet Op.47, featuring steinway artists Ann Wu and Yu-Chi Tai playing Piano Duet from Camille Saint-Saëns and award winning pianist Tingyuan Luo playing Chinese contemporary composition, ‘Pi Huang’, inspired by Chinese traditional heritage-Peking Opera.

Press Release: https://spaces.hightail.com/space/AZSexgKaI1

          "I am looking for developing musicianship, promoting classical and new music through performing and networking.  
          For the future performances
and projects, my vision is through collaborating new ensembles and working with emerging composers, exploring piano music culturally and world-widely."


Stage Experience

· Performed in ‘Young Professional on Stage’ CAPMT Recital Series at Norcal Music-                                                                                      2019 

and Arts Center  

· Performed at ‘‘Winners’ Concert’’ of The 2019 United States International Music Competition-  

at the Recital Hall in the Santa Clara University 

· Performed in Roomful of Pianos-NAMM Show                                                                                     

· Performed in Young Professionals on Stage at 2018 CAPMT State Conference                                                                                                 2018 

· Keyboardist at the Concert “Artists Addressing Homeless” presented by USC Arts in Action-                                       

in partnership with USC Visions and Voices with Urban Voices Project and the Messengers                                                                       

· Solo Piano Recital in Stan’s Music Parlor 

· Solo Piano Performance and Chamber Music Performance in Montecito International Music Festival                               

· Solo Piano Recital and lecture recital at Nanning Normal Academy, Guangxi University,                                                                               2017 

Sichuan Normal University, Gulangyu Music Hall, Guangzhou Steinway Concert Hall,  Fuoshan Steinway Concert Hall                                        

· Solo Piano Recital at Guangxi Arts Institute and  Yulin Normal University                                                                                                       2015 

· Solo Piano Recital at Guangdong Technology Normal University and Xinghai Conservatory of Music                                                           2013

· Solo Piano Recital for student composers at Xinghai conservatory of Music

Press Room


· The performance ‘Young Professional on Stage’ CAPMT Recital Series at Norcal Music and-                                                                        2019 

Arts Center was reported by NewsOn6(Oct.14th), KOTV.com(Oct.14th),  

International Daily News(Oct. 19th), Guangzhou Fuai Cultural Activity Planning(Oct. 20th) 

· Tingyuan was interviewed by news reporter Hongwen Yin on ‘America’s Focus’- 

on ETTV(东森新闻)on October 9th 

· Tingyuan was interviewd by host Lily Chou on ‘Bay Area Focus’ on KTSF TV Channel- 

on August 31th 

· Tingyuan was interviewd by UC Radio(美国中文电台) on ‘Today’s Focus’ program with- 

anchor Weiran Ma on August 26th 

· Tingyuan was interviewed by Sing Tao Chinese Radio(星岛中文台) 

on ‘Happy Equation’ program with anchor Zhining Zeng on August 20th 

· Tingyuan’s career and musical experience was reported by Huanqiu News(环球网),Chine Net(中国网),Phoenix Net(凤凰网),Northern China Net(北国网)(August 8th,2019) 

· Tingyuan’s concert series was reported by World Journal(August 1st, 2019)

· A group performance in Keck Hospital of University of Southern California,                                                                                                   2018 

reported by USC official newspaper: Daily Trojan 

· Performances on CAMPT State Conference was posted on USC Thornton Music School Medias                     

· The Solo Piano Recital at USC Newman Recital Hall on 2017 Fall was reported on World Journal.                                                                 2017 

· Sing Tao Daily Newspaper wrote a press interview report for Tingyuan’ concert.  

· This concert was also reported by Guruin, Allevents, Weizazhi, Pressreader and CSSA. 

· The Solo Piano Recital at the Guanglangyu Concert Hall in 2017 Fall was reported by- 

Xiamen Evening Newspaper, Xiamen Daily Newspaper, Taihainet, kknews and xmnn. 

· The review of the Piano Recital and Lecture at the Guangxi University was posted in the University's Medias. 


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