COLLABORATION (伴奏与室内乐)

                INSTRUCTION (教学)


  •   Piano Recitalist and Collaborator 

  •   Certified Teacher,  The Music Teachers' Association of California(MTAC)

  •   Master of Music in Piano Performance, USC 

  •   NAC Art Project Curator 


As an established pianist, in October 2018, TINGYUAN performed in events such as ‘‘Winners’ Concert’’ of 2019 United States International Music Competition at the Recital Hall in the Santa Clara University, Roomful of Pianos-NAMM Show, ‘Young Professionals on Stage’ Recital Series at 2018 CAPMT State Conference and etc.

In September 2017, TINGYUAN was invited to play and speak in a series of solo piano recitals and lecture recitals in prestigious venues such as Gulangyu Concert Hall, Guangxi University and Sichuan Normal University in China. 

As the winner of many national and international awards, TINGYUAN has won well-known piano competitions such as The 2020 United States Open Competition, The 2019 United States International Music Competition, The 2018 Piano Competition of Montecito International Music Festival in California, The 2017 China-ASEAN Youth Piano Competition, The 2017 Pearl River-Kayserburg International Youth Piano Competition, The 2017 Steinway International Youth Piano Competition, The 2013 KAWAI Asia Piano Competition and so on.

TINGYUAN obtained the Master of Music degree on solo piano performance, under the instruction of the legendary pianist Daniel Pollack, from the prestigious Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California.

Piano Class

 Play the Piano and Learn Beyond!

One on one piano lesson available in studios locates in Fremont and Newark, serving east and south bay area including cities such as Fremont, Hayward, Union City,  Foster City, San Mateo, Mountain View and Cupertino. 

From the year of 2012, Ms.Ting started teaching students piano lessons. Besides guiding students improve their piano skills and music understanding, she is also specified on teaching piano exams and competitions.  

Recitals and workshops are held in various topics regularly. 

''My strength is in classical style especially Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Impressionism. Besides, I also teach Jazz and New Age Music.  With a caring, warm and encouraging manner, I like to take care of students’ various needs to make sure they develop their musical expressions and technique fully. I guide students realizing playing the piano is part of human expression——have fun, play the piano and learn beyond.''  

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Student Recital&Workshop in August 16, 2020

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NAC Project

Initiated by Tingyuan Luo and a group of composers, artists based in California, New Arts Collaboration (NAC) produces unique and fresh multimedia piano music. Performance and recording feature collaboration among music performers, composers and visual artists, bringing audience the ultimate experience through sound and visual image.  


Project in 2021: New Piano Music Performing with Electronics and Visual Art

Concert in 2021 
Date: November 7th, 2021, 4:00PM  | Venue: Old First Concerts, 1751 Sacramento Street, SF, CA 94109    

Date: October, 2021, Date and Time TBD |  Venue: Recital Hall, Center for New Music, 55 TAYLOR STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94102 


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Concert Tour

Piano Solo Recital in Gulangyu Concert Hall


Etudes Op. 25 No.1                                                        Frederic Chopin

Etudes-Tableaux Op.33 No.6                           Sergei Rachmaninoff

Sonata Op.14 No.2  in G Major                      Ludwig van Beethoven

Sonata-Fantasy Op.19 No.2                                  Alexander Scriabin

Miroirs                                                                               Maurice Ravel 


   Oiseaux tristes

   Une barque sur l’ocean

   Alborada del gracioso

   La vallée des cloches

As a piano recitalist, TINGYUAN gave piano solo concerts at Guangxi Arts Institute and Yulin Normal University in 2015. In the fall of 2017, Tingyuan was invited to play a series of solo piano recitals in Guangxi Teaching Academy, Guangxi University, Xiamen Gulangyu Music Hall and Sichuan Teaching University. Her piano performing was highly appraised by medias. Xiamen Nighttime Newspaper posted a concert review for Tingyuan’s recital and commenting on TINGYUAN’s impressive music achievements. 


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罗婷元 中文版



南加州大学钢琴表演硕士,期间跟随钢琴家Daniel Pollack学习。



作为钢琴演奏家,罗婷元钢琴演奏经历丰富。2019年,罗婷元与指挥家Kimo Furumoto合作, 在NAMM Show— “Roomful of Piano”音乐会中演出德彪西的夜曲:“Nuages and Fêtes”。2018年,罗婷元受邀参与美国全国音乐教师协会—加州会议暨五十周年庆典,并在活动之一——“年轻音乐家音乐会”上演奏。罗婷元参与Montecito国际音乐节并在系列音乐会及大师班上演出钢琴独奏作品,期间与知名大提琴家Ko Iwasaki 以及其他音乐家合作演出室内乐作品。 


2017年秋季,罗婷元受邀于四川师范大学, 广西大学与广西师范学院举办主题名为“幻想与意境:拉威尔《镜子》组曲演奏与赏析 ”的系列专题讲座暨音乐会,获得广泛好评。2017年十一月,罗婷元于鼓浪屿钢琴音乐厅举办个人钢琴演奏会,厦门网,台海网,厦门早报与厦门晚报报道了此次音乐会盛况。2019年,罗婷元受多家媒体专访,其中包括KTSF, 东森美洲卫视,星岛中文电台,侨报网中文电台等。




罗婷元还在多个音乐教师协会中担任重要职务,如在加州专业音乐教师协会(CAPMT)担任荣誉比赛北加州赛区主席,以及全国音乐教师协会(MTNA),Pi Kappa Lamda(PKL)全国音乐荣誉协会以及北美中国音乐教师协会(CMTANC)等担任相关职位。

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